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SHADOWFANG KEEP TWINK ITEMS GUIDE | Assassins blade, shadowfang etc..

So this one is a classic. You will be farming Shadowfang Keep, a level 20~ Dungeon down in Silverpine Forest for level 19 twink weapons. These items have a extreamly low drop rate but when you get one, its easy gold. These items drops from all the trash mobs and chests in Shadowfang Keep and is very easy to farm if your high level. While farming these items you'll get alot of wool cloth and world drops which you can sell at the auction house.

NOTE: When Wow Classic is live at 08.27.19 ALOT of people will grind this dungeon for quest or just exp it self. Which means that a lot of these items will drop in the first few weeks of classic. A good idea is to check the auction house to see if the prices on these are low in the beginning and buy everything. Keep them in your bank and wait for the prices to go sky high. 6-7 months in, these will sell for alot!

List of the items your farming:

- Assassin's Blade

- Shadowfang

- Night Reaver

- Witching Stave

- Black Malice

- Guillotine Axe

Rewards: Items listed above, Wool cloth, world drops.

Droprate: LOW

Level: 20-60 (20+ as a group, 40+ Solo).

The best drops you can get is Shadowfang and Assassin's Blade. Best in slot for level 19 rogue twinks and there will be alot of them!

How To farm:

1. Take the Zepplin(HORDE) from Orgrimmar to Tirisfal Glades. As Alliance fly to Hillsbrad Foothills/Zepplin from Grom'Gol Base Camp to Tirisfal Glades (Horde & Alliance).

2. Run To Silverpine Forest and go to Shadowfang keep (Map below will show location)

3. Clear and Loot the entire dungeon (Remember to loot chests aswell).

Note: If you are a rogue make sure to have your lockpick skilled up so you can lockpick some of the chests thats locked.

4. Go out and reset the dungeon and repeat 3.

This might be a tough one but it sertently pays out if you're lucky.

A good idea is to do the quests in Shadowgfang Keep while leveling (At lvl 20 ish). If your group is lucky and get a drop it may have already payed for your Mount Training@ level 40.

Hope the guide was helpful & Good luck!

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