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ELEMENTAL FIRE GUIDE | Stonetalon Mountain, Arathi Highlands

If your intrested in earning some easy gold and dont want to spend time farming for rare drops this is the method i would use (specially in the first months after launch).

You will be farming Elemental Fire. This item will be used for alchemy to make the Greater Fire Resistance Protection Potion which is a must have in Molten Core. Its also mats for the Cloak of fire which contain Fire Resistance aswell as the Enchant Cloak - Fire Resistance. These will sell easy, but the prices will depend on the server. The drop rate is decent (would say 1 / 8-10) But it all depends on your luck.

Note: It's a BIG PLUS if you have Alchemy and can create the Greater Fire Resistance Protection Potion. People raiding MC need this.

Reward: Elemental Fire, World Drops.

Level: 25-60.

Droprate: 1/8-10 +-

How to farm:

The thing about this item is that you will be able to get it in different places. Stonetalon Mountain and Arathi Highlands (Also in Blackrock Depths, Blackrock Spire and Molten Core).

Stonetalon mountain:

1. Go to the location in Stonetalon Mountain (Flypaths nearest farmspot. Will show location on the map below).

2. Look for and Kill: Rogue Flame Spirit, Burning Ravager and Burning Destroyer.

3. Loot Elemental Fire and sell them on the auction house or make potions.

Note: There are two quest on these mobs: Enraged Spirits (ALLIANCE) and Elemental War (HORDE). If your farming these in lvl 25~ Make sure to pick this quest up!

Arathi Highlands:

1. Fly to the flight path in Arathi Highlands and run to the farmspot (will show spot below).

2. Look for and Kill: Burning Exile.

3. Loot Elemental Fire and sell them on the auction house or make potions.

Note: if your a Warrior and plan on doing the Whirlwind Axe questline, these mobs drops the Burning Charm that you will need for the quest Essence of the Exile.

Its a pretty easy grind, specially if your level 60. If there is more fire elementals spots,, please make sure to leave a comment so i can update the post.

Hope the guide was helpful & Good luck!

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