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FISHING GUIDE | Deviate Fish/Savory Deviate Delight

So this one will bring back alot of memories. Savory Deviate Delight is a dish you eat to transform into a Ninja/Pirate by random. This is only used for fun and doesn't do anything else. But back in the day these were popular. People used to have alts at the pools in The Barrens that they only used for fishing. To fish Deviate fish you have to have learned fishing and have a minimum of 50 skill. You will find the pools in The Barrens and the locations will be on the map below. Outside the entrence to WC is also a good spot to fish. These will sell easy and with a pretty good profit, specially if you cook them in to Savory Deviate Delight.

Note: To make Savory Deviate Delight you will have to learn Cooking (lvl 85 in cooking) and get the Recipe: Savory Deviate Delight which drops of all random mobs in The Barrens. If you don't want to farm the recipe there will be alot of them in the auction house.

Required: Fishing lvl 50, Fishing pole, Lure, Cooking lvl 85.

Droprate: Decent.

Tips: Look for fishpools on spawn.

Pools that drops Deviate Fish:

These are pretty simple and gonna be popular pretty early after launch. So farm and get them on the market early will be the best, but these will sell quick all the time.

Note: For Alliance the best option is to stay inside the WC cave so you avoid as many hordes as possible if you're low level.

Have fun fishing and good luck!

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