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Another fishing guide. This time we will look at the Stonescale Eel.

Stonescale Eel is used to make Stonescale oil which is used to make high end flask, potions and elixirs. This will sell for alot on the auction house BUT the competition is going to be hard. To fish Stonescale Eel you will have to be 220 fishing (if i dont remember wrong). You can't free fish these. You will have to find POOLS and fish them out. The location you will be farming is in Tanaris. I will show on the map below.

Required: Fishingpole, Lure, Fishingskill 220+

Reward: Stonescale Eel.

Location in Tanaris

I'v heard that the droprate is increased from 00.00 - 12.00 and low from 12.00 - 00 but im not sure about that. If you try this, let me know the droprate and the time you where farming.

Hope the guide was helpful & Good luck!

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