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Essence of Water Farming

Since classic launched, many of you have wondered how people make great gold. Here is one of the secrets of how to make tons of gold in world of warcraft classic.

What you want to do is to farm Essence of Water. These are used to create the Robe of the Archmage and this is BIS for all mages. On my server (Firemaw EU Horde) These sell for between 13-20 g each, depending on when u put them out on the auction house. I farmed for a couple of hours and made 300g from these + random greenies & blues. You will be farming Toxic Horrors up in Felwood. I will show you on a map below.

Level required: 50-60

Mobs: Toxic Horror

Reward: Essence of Water, Greenies

Droprate: 7% ish

Gold Pr/h: Every thing from 50-100 depending on server prices.

Map of farmspot in Felwood:

Note: This farmspot is very contested, so you have to choose the right hour to farm.

Hope this was helpful & Good luck farming!

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