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Just to clearify. This grind depends on luck. Crusader is the best melee enchant at max level and alot of enchanters want to get their hands on the crusader formula early so they can provide it for guildies, friends or even sell the enchant to others. If you can farm these in the early stages of release (after getting 60 ofc) you will earn a huge amount of gold. This one will sell quick, BUT the droprate is very low so you have to be either lucky or patient. This grind will provide you with a lot of clothes aswell since the mobs are humanoid and you will also have a chance on world drops(greenies, blues and epics). I recommend doing this at level 60 or as a mobgrind in the late 50s.

Rewards: Formula: Enchant Weapon - Crusader, Runecloth, World Drops.

Droprate: LOW

How to farm

1. Be lvl 58-60

2. Go to Hearthglen, Western Plaguelands (You will find a picture of the area to farm below)

3. Kill Scarlet Spellbinder's only (The only mob that drops Crusader).

4. Be patient. This may be a hard grind.

Best way to farm this is to watch a movie, series or whatever while grinding the mobs and hopefully your lucky. If your going to farm this, throw in a comment with how long you farmed!

Hope the guide was helpful & Good luck!

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