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Here it is. Black Lotus is the best herb you will find in Classic World of Warcraft. This will sell for a huge amount of gold on the auction house because its required when making high end Flasks. Its also required for the Enchant Cloak - Stealth and the epic trinket Alchemist's stone. The competition to get this herb will be huge. Black Lotus have a few spawn points in four different zones and have a random spawntimer from 30-60 mins. People will be farming these and you will struggle to get them, but once you do, you will earn shitloads of gold. Black Lotus can be found in Burning Steppes, Winterspring, Eastern Plaguelands and Silithus. I will show the spawnpoints on the maps below.

Required: Herbalism 300 skill.

Reward: Black Lotus.

Burning Steppes spawn points:

Winterspring spawn points:

Eastern Plaguelands spawn points:

Silithus spawn points:

Hope this was helpful & Good luck!

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