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Another Herbalism guide for you. This time we will look at Gromsblood. Gromsblood is not the top herb to farm but quite decent and is also required for som flask, potions and elixirs. The most popular one is probably Flask of the Titans. If dreamfoil spots are overpopulated by people this is a pretty decent second choice. Sell them on the auction house or if you got Alchemy, make flasks. You can only farm gromsblood in zones where its demon magic and these are the following zones: Felwood, Desolace, Blasted Lands. The absolute best spot to farm Gromsblood is in Felwood. I will show you a route you can follow below.

Required: Herbalism 250 skill.

Reward: Gromsblood.

Felwood farm route:

Hope this was helpful & Good luck!

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