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Next up, Mountain Silversage! Second best farm in my opinion. This is also used in high end flasks, potions and elixirs. The most important one is probably Elixir of the Mongoose which is the best an agility DPS could have, like hunters and rogues. This will sell for alot on the auction house and if you have alchemy make flasks etc..

You can farm Mountain Silversage in four zones: Winterspring, Un'Goro Crater, Azshara and Burning steppes. The best routes for Mountain Silversage is Winterspring and Un'Goro Crater. I will show the routes on the maps below.

NOTE: IF you farm in Burning steppes you will have a chance to find Black Lotus which is extreamly rare in classic and sell for alot! I have a own guide for Black lotus if you want to check that out!

Required: Herbalism 280 skill

Reward: Mountain Silversage

Winterspring route:

Un'Goro Crater routes:

Hope this was helpful & Good luck!

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