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Insane Essence of Water farm (FISHING)

If you ever wondered if it is worth skilling up fishing in classic, here is the answer to that. This Fishing guide have made me an insane amount of gold in the past two months. This guide will show you how and where to fish for Essence of water in Azshara. The area is heavy contested, but its worth the farm. I farmed around 4 hours a day from Tuesday - Sunday and got around 80 Essence of water which made me over 2000 gold in 6 days. It all depends on your server prices, but i sold mine on Firemaw EU (Horde) for around 25-29 g each.

Lets get to it!

NOTE: First: You need 330 fishing skill ( MINIMUM ) and 425 to avoid get aways. (Horde Use the fishing pole from Hinterlands to get 425 with lure)

In Azshara there is SIX different spawn locations for a fishing pool called Patch of Elemental water. These have a chance to drop Essence of water, Elemental water and Globe of water. In my experiance its 33,33 % on all 3. You can fish 2-4 times in each pool (its random) and every cast have a chance to drop a Essence of water. My best is 3 in one pool. In one night (4-5 hours) i was able to get 16 Essences from this. The spawn timer on these patches is 1-3 hours in my experience . All SIX patches can be up at the same time so if u find one there is a good chance that you will find more. I will show the spawn points on a map below. Every now and then the pools will stop spawning for 30 mins - 1 hour so in the meantime you can just farm pearls of the nagas or fish reguarly.

What you need is:

Fishing Skill: 330 ( MINIMUM ) 425 to avoid get aways (300 skill + Lure + horde fishing pole = 425)

Lure: Aquadynamic Fish Attractor

Fishing pole: Nat Pagle's Extreme Angler FC-5000 ( HORDE) (Alliance take the best pole u can get)

Gear: Gear that increase swimming if you cannot waterwalk!

NOTE: This farm is insane for priest and shamans!

(If you are a shaman you can camp one spawn and look at all the others with Far sight!) I do not recommend camping (UNLESS UR A SHAMAN) one spot. Its better to run around in loops.

This is how the patches look:

Here are all the spawn locations on the map:

Like i said earlyer. This area is really contested and i recommend farming this as a Shaman or Priest because of the waterwalking. If you get a few hours here with few people and a little luck you can earn shitloads of gold just like I did.


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