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MINING GUIDE | Mithril Ore and Thorium Ore.

If your going to farm gold with mining when Wow Classic launches this is the routes you should follow. I will show you routes for Mithril ore and Thorium ore which is the most profitable mines you'll get. If your still skilling up you should still follow these routes to make as much gold as possible while skilling up. While farming these you will have a chance to get Gold ore, Truesilver ore, Aquamarine, Citrine and Star Ruby

Mithril Ore:

The absolute best place to farm Mithril ore is Badlands. Farm around the zone and make sure to check out the caves! These will give you a pretty good amount of gold of the auction house and will always sell easy. Its used for level up Blacksmithing and create plate armor.

Note: Mithril bars is used to make Gnomish and Goblin Engineer gear.


Thorium Ore:

Same as Mithril, Thorium Ore will sell easy on the auction house and i know two good spots to farm. Un'goro Crater and Burning Stepps. If one area is crowded just move to the second zone. Thorium ore becomes Thorium bar when crafted. And these bars is used to make the Lionheart Helm, Which is sick for warriors. They are also used to make alot of blue armor, weapons and Frost resistance gear.

Un'Goro Crater:

Note: You will find some mithril on this route aswell.

Burning Stepps:

Note: By far the best zone to farm Thorium ore. You'll find some mithril here aswell.

Hope the guide was helpful & Good luck!

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