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In this guide i will show you where to farm the extreamly rare pet Disgusting Oozeling. This pet is special. It gives u a debuff when summoned and turn you green. This pet will sell for alot and is one of the most rare pets of classic wow. Collectors will be dying to get one of these. But the grind is rough! This pet only drop from a bag called Oozing bag. This bag drops from oozes in Felwood, Ungoro, Swamp of Sorrows and Eastern Plaguelands. The best spots that i've used is Felwood and Eastern Plaguelands. The bag have between 5-10 % dropchance and the pet have a 1-2% dropchance inside the bag. The good thing about this is that the bag can drop valuebal items so you will earn a little extra (potions, aquamarines etc..)

Recommended lvl: 55+

Droprate: Oozing bag 5-10%, Disgusting Oozeling 1-2%.

Reward: Oozing bag --> Disgusting Oozeling.

Map of farming area in Felwood:

Map of farming area in Eastern Plaguelands:

Hope this was helpful & Good luck!

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