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In this guide i will be showing you how to farm the Tiny Crimson Whelpling Pet. These pets can sell for alot but is hard to grind and might be hard to sell aswell. Mostly collectors buy these for status, but you might find others who wants it to. There are several simular pets that i will show later, but lets focus on the crimson whelp for now.

The Tiny Crimson Whelpling can be farmed in Wetlands from the Crimson Whelps and have a very LOW droprate. So if you decide to farm this pet be patient. This is all up to luck.

I will show you where these mobs are in the map below.

Required: lvl 26+

Drops From: Crimson Whelp.

Droprate: LOW ~2%

Reward: Tiny Crimson Whelpling.

Crimson Whelps map:

Hope this was helpful! Be patient (orlucky) & Good luck!

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